This web site’s purpose is to teach programming, specifically Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) programming. My primary approach will be showing runnable sample codes, with out long winded explanations. I encourage looking at the code, but more so copying it to run on your machine to experiment with it. I believe this will work well for CUDA and C/C++. For other more involved topics such as VR and DirectX I will show code snippets and links to the projects that they are a part of when possible.

Recently I have started a Discord Server since I was unable to find a server for CUDA programming. I welcome others to join, and would appreciate if other experts also join to help create a supportive group.

Discord: CUDA / GPU Developer Community

A little bit of background:

I have been programming GPU since 2012, when I was introduced to High performance Computing (HPC) at a summer internship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. From then on I have self taught myself using sample codes, the CUDA documentation, and random Google search results. GPU programming courses were still rare at the time.

Now that courses are becoming more common I would recommend taking one if your goal is to master GPU programming; however, online resources are still a viable approach to mastering GPU programming if you have the determination to do so.

My Affiliations:

VR Simulation Research Lead at Molecular Robotics Research Institute
Senior Systems Architect at Computational Science K.K.
Nvidia Deep Learning Institute (DLI) University Ambassador
Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Certified Instructor
<Post are not made as a representative of my affiliations>

Past: Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology (2017-2022)

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