Simulation Videos

Author: Greg Gutmann
Affiliation: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Viewing in VR

Below is a video of our microtubule gliding assay simulation being viewed in VR.

For full video see YouTube:

Looking at Motor Proteins

Below is a video showing various views of our simulation, focusing on motor proteins.

For a higher resolution see YouTube:

Related Publication:

  • Gutmann, G., Azuma, R., & Konagaya, A. (2018). A Virtual Reality Computational Platform Dedicated for the Emergence of Global Dynamics in a Massive Swarm of Objects. Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan,57(6), 647-653. doi:
  • Gutmann, G., Inoue, D., Kakugo, A., & Konagaya, A. (2017). Parallel Interaction Detection Algorithms for a Particle-based Live Controlled Real-time Microtubule Gliding Simulation System Accelerated by GPGPU. New Generation Computing,35(2), 157-180. doi:10.1007/s00354-017-0011-5

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