Predictive Simulation: arXiv 2019

Author: Greg Gutmann
Affiliation: Tokyo Institute of Technology

This work was started in April of 2018, but was created as an internal solution for our simulation. We did not think to develop it further until this year when we created a poster on our work to present at High-Performance Graphics 2019.

Supplementary Information

This page has been created to act as the appendix of my recent paper which can be found here

Video Demo

Initial Regression results:

Live user interaction using the system:

Figure 3 Data

Below are graphs showing the data which was used to generate figure 3 in the paper showing averaged results of many tests. The tests were of linear and polynomial regression utilizing varying length input sequences for computing the model used for each test. The following graphs y units are simulation units and have not been converted to millimeters like figure 3 in the paper. These graphs are to show the prediction behavior when the user is moving back and forth, changing direction.

Regression results, 4 to 15 samples. Samples were taken every 10 ms
Regression results, 20 to 50 samples. Samples were taken every 10 ms
The results when using no prediction for the test used for these graphs. Samples were taken every 10 ms

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