Real-Time Inferencing and Training (RTIT) with Deep LSTM

Author: Greg Gutmann
Affiliation: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Hand Tracking Data

The following files contain the Leap Motion hand tracking data that was used for testing RTIT. Each line in the files are a single frame of data.

Location lines are formatted as:
point 0 (x, y, z), point 1 (x, y, z), …, point 24 (x, y, z)

Rotation lines are formatted as (using quaternions):
point 0 (x, y, z, w), point 1 (x, y, z, w), …, point 24 (x, y, z, w)

Links to supplementary videos

Data creation:

Select 30 ms latency tests:

Select 50 ms latency tests:

Select 70 ms latency tests:

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