XING Nano 1206 4500KV Performance

Author: Greg Gutmann

Flight time tests

Initially, I wanted to know what the maximum flight time was for given battery sizes. I tested at a hover to make each test as comparable as possible and flew till the battery began to sag a bit. However, many report a hover requires a little more power than slow cruising. All of the test were done indoors to avoid factors such as wind. (Page 3 is the most interesting)

The build was:

  • iFlight iH3 v3 Frame
  • iFlight XING Nano 1206 4500KV 2-4S Motor
  • iFlight 20×20 Dual Gyro F7 Stack (Matches GEPRC Stable Pro 20×20)
  • Caddx Tarsier Camera
  • Foxeer Lollipop
  • BN-180 GPS (sometimes attached)

Plots show voltage over time, as well as stats in the left and right boxes. My personal opinion is the BetaFPV 450mAh felt better than the Tattu Ace 650mAh, which is potentially confirmed by both batteries sagging around the same utilization percentage despite the difference in capacity. The Tattu R-Line 850mAh performed in line with the BetaFPV pack taking into consideration the capacity difference, and can be seen that it didn’t sag until around 85% utilization. Leading me to believe the Tattu Ace shouldn’t have sagged until around 80%.

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